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Envisage Asset - sign recognition software using Machine Learning
Envisage Asset - sign recognition software using Machine Learning

22 May, 2018 by Administrator

SimByte have developed Envisage Asset , a...

Leverage Machine Learning to Map customer data patterns
Leverage Machine Learning to Map customer data patterns

7 March, 2018 by Administrator

SimByte leverages proprietary  Machine...

SimByte acquires Avacent - business compliance and performance suite
SimByte acquires Avacent - business compliance and performance suite

14 December, 2016 by Administrator

Avacent has been carefully designed to meet...

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Managed Services

Our value comes from translating technology into tangible returns for the business. Our alignment of business with IT solutions ensures that we deliver operational value to customers through solutions that are easier and more cost-effective to support. We remove the system constraints to provide businesses with the agility to focus on strategy and long term success.


Our Microsoft CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) rating is 95%. Through our iterative approach and dedicated BDM’s we deliver to our customer’s expectations.

70% of IT spend is on data centres and equipment with inflexible storage physical server silos. With our hosted solutions, offering reliability and guaranteed SLA’s resulting in up to costs savings over traditional in-house hosted solutions. Leverage from our panel of technical experts including DBA’s network engineers and Microsoft certified application support staff.   


Switch to cloud based solutions and take the hassle out of maintaining complex systems and integration, worries about security and network uptime, allowing you to focus on what matters.   


Invest in Enterprise grade architectures and applications that can grow with your business and integrate with modern technology portals: social network and mobile devices. 


Our managed services are backed by 99% uptime and come with the following features:  
    • Australian Helpdesk 
    • Application Support (Optional) 
    • Support Services during business 
    • Disaster Recovery services (Optional) 
    • Asset Management 
    • Network and OS Monitoring 
    • Patch Management 
    • Backup Management 
    • High Availability services (Optional) 
    • User Support 
    • Vendor Management 
    • Database management and fine tuning 
    • Antivirus Management 
    • LAN/WAN Infrastructure Support 
    • Capacity Management and Planning 
    • SSL Management 
    • Firewall Management 
    • Monthly reporting 
    • Security Alerts Monitoring 
    • IPS/IDS 
    • Storage Encryption
    • Scheduled security and vulnerability scans
    • Server Hardening 
    • Application Whitelisting (Optional) 
    • Server Local and Group Policy Management   


Our servers are hosted in state-of-the-art Equinix SY3 and SY2 Data centres in Sydney, Australia. All of the data will remain on Australian shores. In order to ensure high reliability, there are multiple physical sites in Australia. These include Equinix SY3 and Equinix SY2. The primary cloud is hosted out of Equinix SY3 and there is capability to provision DR capacity in SY2. 


Data Center   

Our preferred service provider facility is the Equinix Sydney IBXs which are is the most densely connected data center in Australia, with access to Equinix's network dense and rich ecosystem of more than 975 network providers globally, 120 of which are based in Australia. This includes a direct link to the Southern Cross Cable Network (SCCN) and PIPE Pacific Cable (PPC-1), the only location where access to the two largest peering points is available.  

Equinix Sydney is home to many Private and Public Cloud Platforms, Inclusive of Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure Express Route, Softlayer, Direct Access Node and many more. Thus offering our customers a wide choice of 1Gb / 10Gb low cost secure private interconnection to Cloud SaaS /IaaS platforms as required or to many consumption based technology services via the Equinix shopping mall of best of breed providers offering “On Demand” services  from Email, Service Desk, Storage, Desktop, Unified Coms etc…

The SY3 facility has been awarded the LEED ® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System™ Gold Certification for its high building standards by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). In addition, Equinix has ISO 27001 certification for all of its Sydney facilities, the highest global industry standard for information security. 


Hosting Provider  

Our servers are hosted on high performing architecture with some of the world’s fastest storage achieving unprecedented values of over 240,000 IOPS and latencies as low as 15 microseconds. This platform is based on the industry standard VMWare Hypervisor to house the virtual machine instances. This equipment is hosted in the Equinix data center. Compared to other hypervisors, VMWare provides the performance SimByte is looking for, along with the rock solid reliability and security that our customers demand.  

What separates our platform from the rest is our ability to provide an all-inclusive platform with the industry’s highest performing IO as well as solid and reliable security with the following features: 
    • IPS/IDS (Intrusion Prevention / Detection) 
    • Content Filtering 
    • Optional regular application vulnerability tests 
    • Gateway Firewall 
    • Gateway Anti-Virus  
This highly secure and high density design drastically reduces downtime, simplifies the deployment of instances, and provides more immediate feedback to our customers. 



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